What is Yenten?

A cryptocurrency for everybody, mining with a common processor (CPU) works best. Because of the implemented algorithm, ASIC mining or GPU mining is slower than CPU mining. So you can mine Yenten with common hardware like your PC, Laptop, Macbook, or even a Raspberry Pi.

Yenten is an honest coin: no ICO, no premine and it's ASIC resistant.

Technical specifications:
Algorithm: YescryptR16 (GPU is slower than CPU)
Block time: 2.0 minutes
Max Block size: 2M
Block reward of block #1: 50 YTN
Total YTN setting: 84,000,000 YTN
Calculated max YTN: about 80,000,000 YTN
SubsidyHalvingInterval: 800,000 blocks
Difficulty re-target: every block (DarkGravityWave v3-1)
Premine: none
P2P Port: 9981
RPC Port: 9982

Yenten wants to help reduce CO2 emissions by just using ordinary hardware to do mining.

Yenten is a cryptocurrency of the cpu, by the cpu, for the cpu. No ASIC.

Yenten has an active community

Important Resouces for using Yenten


Clients can be found here (Windows GUI / Linux GUI / MacOX GUI) Yenten Github Releases
Source code: here


You can mine using cpuminer-opt
There are a lot of pools but these are quite popular: Luckyool Antminepool Zpool.ca Cpu-pool NL-pool


Yenten is available on the following Exchanges: CREX24 (BTC/YTN) Graviex (BTC/YTN) Opentrade (BTC/YTN) Opentrade (MC/YTN)

More info

Links to pages with more details and info like More Exchanges, Pools, Markets, Community and Faucets can be found here: Details
Whitepaper and Roadmap are here